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Adjustable Inside Form Plans - Ukulele: Electronic Version

Adjustable Inside Form Plans - Ukulele: Electronic Version
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Whether you make multiple Soprano, Concert, Tenor or Baritone Ukulele's, or even if you make a single shape, you will want to have one of these handy jigs in your workshop. This adjustable version of and inside form does several tasks, and does them very well. 

With the adjustable retainers (total of 6) the jig allows you to place the ukulele sides in the form and secure them rigidly in place, and to a precise form without wrestling with a bulky stacked plywood inside form. 

The retainers allow for minor dimensional irregularities always present while we build our instruments. With this form you can do the following tasks while holding the sides and or body firmly in place, and more:

  • Glue the kerfing around the top and bottom of the sides
  • Cut in brace channels into the kerfing
  • Flatten the sides for installation of the top plate
  • Adjust the sides to accommodate the back plate and back arch
  • Gluing of both the back and top plate onto the sides
  • Rout purfing channels
  • Rout binding channels
  • Install purfling
  • Install binding
  • Fit neck

As you can see, this is a very versatile too and I use my form for everything except the initial trimming of the sides to length after they are removed from the bender. The form is very easy and fast to load. Just install the proper instrument shape on the base, bring the retainers very close to this shape and tighten the plastic knobs. Once the sides are in place, simply adjust the retainers to meet the form shape insert and you are done. Just a minute or two from beginning to end. Removal and re-insertion is even much quicker and often you don't even need to adjust the retainers.

Another great benefit is you can use one form for all ukulele shapes. This save a tremendous amount of plywood, time and space needed for (4) complete inside form sets. All the slots are engineered to allow adjustment to all shapes, easily and quickly.

Just build the jig base, complete the (6) retainers and you are in business. If you don't want to build your own we are selling this tool in a completed form. We also have the CNC files available so you can make one of these in about an hour after milling the parts.

Unless otherwise specified, ALL plans are sold as electronic downloads. As soon as you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access your plans. Learn why we sell our plans in an electronic version. 

Plans include very detailed drawings giving you all of the detail you will need to build this jig with ease.

All the drawings are full-sized and completely dimensioned and noted so you can either layout the parts from the drawing or past the base onto the plywood to easily setup the routing radii.

All Plans Are in Both Millimeters AND Inches/Fractional Inches:
All Building Plans are available in both millimeter measurements and inches/fractional inches. Both are clearly shown in an over/under the dimension line style, so you can pick which measurement system you would like to use, or use both!

CNC Files:

We are now offering our popular Adjustable Inside Form for Ukulele in DWG and DXF file formats. For more information about this option, click HERE. Simply click the checkbox below and the files will be included immediately with your download. 

Note that the photos above do not show the optional head & butt block retainers. The plans and CNC files DO include both of those options. 

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