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Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer Plan: Electronic Version

Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer Plan: Electronic Version
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Full sized, very detailed plans of the Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer.

Unless otherwise specified, ALL plans are sold as electronic downloads. As soon as you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access your plans. Learn why we sell our plans in an electronic version.

The images at the top of this product page show the following:
  • (2) Master Mountain Dulcimer Plan Sheets
  • (1) Inside Form Plan Sheet
  • (2) Mountain Dulcimer Bender Plan Sheets
These electronic dulcimer plans are very detailed and include all the necessary templates, inside forms, and details, to make this instrument.

The Mountain Dulcimer is a great starting point, if you want to get your feet wet in the stringed instrument building (luthiery) trade. Whether you are looking to build for your own enjoyment, or produce instruments to sell, these plans will give you everything you need to produce a high-quality Mountain Dulcimer.

Along with the (2) sheets showing the Master Dulcimer Plan, we are offering as options, the Inside Form Plans, and the all-important Hourglass Bender Plans, which can be used with our 6" x 36" Heating Blanket.

The Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer Plan (2) Sheets Feature:
  • Dulcimer Top View, Showing all Dimensions, Notes, Fretboard, Frets etc.
  • Side View of the Instrument
  • Plan Section
  • Longitudinal Cross-Section
  • Lateral Cross-Section
  • Top & Back Cutting Template
  • Back Brace Templates
  • Template Layouts for Headpiece
The Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer Inside Form (1) Sheet Features:
  • Plan View of Inside Form
  • Side and Both Ends of the Inside Form
The Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer Side Bender (2) Sheets Feature:
  • Top View of Assembled Side Bender
  • Side View of Assembled Bender
  • All Required Hardware
  • Template Layouts of all Plywood Parts Required

Add the Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer your collection of handmade instruments with these easy to follow, well documented plans. 

All Plans Are in Both Millimeters AND Inches/Fractional Inches:

All  Building Plans are documented in both millimeter measurements and inches/fractional inches. Both are clearly shown in an over/under the dimension line style, so you can pick which measurement system you would like to use, or use both!

Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer Features:
  • Body Length: 908.8mm (35.66")
  • Lower Bout: 195mm (7.67")
  • Upper Bout: 154mm (6.06")
  • Waist: 97.3mm (3.83")
  • Depth: 49mm (1.93")
  • Scale Length: 688mm (27.08") 
  • Number of Frets: 18
  • Number of Strings: 3

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