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Introduction to French Polishing

Introduction to French Polishing
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If you have not closely inspected a beautifully constructed wood instrument with a French Polish finish, you will be amazed at the clarity and brightness this finishing process brings to the luthier. I vividly remember the first time I saw an instrument with a French Polish - it was when my Jose Ramirez Grand Classical Guitar arrived from Madrid. I opened the case and the brilliance of that instrument was nothing short of spectacular!  The beautiful grain and subtle tones of the Rosewood were preserved and the clarity of the top was stunning. It had the brilliance of a polished diamond!

You don’t need a spray booth, air compressor, spray gun, exhaust fans, explosive proof wiring, air filters, and buffing equipment when applying a french polish. Also, the lacquer or water-based lacquers or polyurethane finish materials are very expensive. To french polish instruments you can purchase everything you need, including finish materials for around $50 to $100, and you can finish at least 4 guitars with these materials!

The french polish finish is much thinner than any other finish. The shellac is applied in hundreds of microscopic layers that are thinly over-laid on each other and the result is a finish that will give the best quality finish with a very minimal finish film which allows the top to vibrate more easily.

French Polishing can easily be applied to an instrument in a dust-free environment of your home, such as a den or home office or even on the kitchen table. Odors are minimal and materials are very low-hazard or inert.

With the advent of Hard Shellac, the finishes can now be much more durable and closer to the durability of lacquer or water-based finishes.

This ebook includes detailed chapters for the beginning luthier for everything from the proper materials to purchase, detailed preparation of the instrument for optimal finish results, typical FAQ's and a quick start guide, which allows you to easily focus on the steps in achieving the perfect finish. 

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