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Black Mountain Rag Advanced TAB

Black Mountain Rag Advanced TAB
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Hang on to your hair on this song. This is a blazing hot fingerstyle guitar piece that Chet plays on the classical guitar. This song is very popular with the flatpick guitar set and Chet Atkins very successfully brings it to the fingerstyle guitar with this arrangement of Black Mountain Rag.

While Chet plays this on a classical, there is no reason you can't play it on a good acoustic fingerstyle guitar either. I will admit that his choice of playing this on a great sounding classical guitar was the right one though. I play it on both classical and steel string acoustic and it sound really cool on both of them!

Chet played this on the classical guitar with not only the Dropped 'D' tuning, but also with a Dropped 'G'. This is really open 'G' tuning in that you can play all but the 1st string open and get a 'G Major' chord. So start by tuning the 6th string down 2 frets to a low 'D' - match the 4th open 'D', only one octave lower. Tune the 5th string down 2 frets to a low 'G'. Match the open 3rd or 'G', only one octave lower.

Considering the difficulty of this piece and the speed at which it is played, I have broken the piece down into several parts. Look for those at the bottom of each article.

Combine blazing speed with some difficult right hand fingering for this premier Chet Atkins song and you have the makings for achieving 'expert status' in the world of fingerpicking. This song is usually played with a machine-gun approach on flatpicking guitar. In this version Chet has set to bar pretty high, but in breaking the song apart into several sections, you will be able to conquer this song arrangement.

The Intro is classic Atkins on the classical guitar. Simple yet elegant. When to get to the first pare of notes in the kick-off, you know you are in trouble. We start off with a combined alternating bass and hammer-ons. About mid-way through the measure you have a pull-off curve ball thrown at you, again combined with the alternating bass and so it goes through this whole PartA piece.

I want to stress to you the importance of these hammer-ons and pull-offs. Do not make the decision not to play them exactly the way they are shown as you definitely will not be able to play this piece up to proper speed without them. They simplify your right hand fingering and they allow you to play the eighth notes in proper sequence.

The easiest way for you to master this song is to download the Guitar Pro file of this song. It is exactly the same as the PDF files located herein and the PDF file you can generate here was generated from the Guitar Pro file. I have depicted all the ornamentals as close to Chet's arrangement as possible and as close to the way that I play it as possible.

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