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5-String Acoustic Bass Guitar Plans: Electronic Version

5-String Acoustic Bass Guitar Plans: Electronic Version
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Build your own guitar with these 5-String Acoustic Bass plans from Georgia Luthier Supply - the most detailed guitar plans you'll find anywhere!

Purchase full-sized, very detailed plans of the unique and incredible sounding acoustic bass. This version of our bass plans has 5 strings, a 32" scale and bracing designed to enhance the tone properties of the instrument. 

By default, ALL our plans are sold as electronic downloads. As soon as you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access your plans. Learn why we sell our plans in an electronic version.

The Dreadnought guitar plans are very detailed filled with details, sections, notation and dimensions to guide you on your way.

When you purchase your guitar plans from Georgia Luthier Supply, you'll receive four pages of guitar plans and 2 bonus pages of templates that will save you hours of time!

  • 12-Fret Neck, Sized for 5 Bass Strings
  • Larger Bodied Bass Guitar Giving Enhances Volume and Tone Properties
  • X-Bracing Specifically Design For This Bass
  • Acoustic Bass Belly Bridge
  • Top Thinning Layout to Open The Tone
Add this guitar to your collection of handmade instruments with these easy to follow, well documented plans.

Includes 6 sheets of full sized drawings with:
  • Overall guitar plan with notes and dimensions
  • Details of Complicated Construction Areas & supplemental Photographs of Key Construction Items + Descriptions
  • Longitudinal and Lateral Sections Through The Guitar.
  • Top Bracing Layouts Top and Side Views
  • Back layout and Back Brace layouts
  • Complete Template Sets Including: Top, Side Contour, Neck Contour, Bender Form Inserts, Headpiece Layout, Back Arch Template & Top Layout Template
All Plans Are in Both Millimeters AND Inches/Fractional Inches:

All Guitar Building Plans are available in both millimeter measurements and inches/fractional inches. Both are clearly shown in an over/under the dimension line style, so you can pick which measurement system you would like to use, or use both!

Guitar Dimensions:
  • Upper Bout: 337.5mm (13.29")
  • Lower Bout: 494.0mm (19.45")
  • Body Length: 613.6mm (24.16")
  • Depth At Heel: 112.0mm (4.40")
  • Depth At Butt: 138.0mm (5.43")
  • Neck Width @ Nut: 47.7mm (1.88")
  • Scale Length: 812.8mm (32.0")
Don't Forget Your Form Package Plans Below:

The Inside Forms and Workboard Plans allow you to simply and easily transfer the exact shape of your guitar to your workpiece, plus you will have an incredible tool to allow perfect repeatability of your guitars!

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Acoustic CNC Files - Entire Guitar:

We are now offering the 5-String Acoustic Bass Guitar in DWG and DXF file formats. For more information about this option, click HERE. Simply click the check-box below and the files will be included immediately with your download. PLEASE NOTE: When you order the CNC files for the entire guitar - you will also receive the CNC files for the Form Insert - there is no need to order them separately. Only order the form insert CNC files if you don't want the CNC guitar plans! 

Note: The last image in the mouse-over images at the top of this page will give you an accurate representation of the file content for these files.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions! You can send us an email or call us at 888.362.5028.

Acoustic CNC Files - Form Insert Only:

We also offer just the form inserts for this guitar in DWG and DXF file formats. These drawings will allow you to rout out this shape and use it directly in your bending system. The files clearly indicate the guitar shape, the spreader rod pockets, the Guide Bar Slot and the Connector Bolt Holes. Just click the check-box below and the files will be included immediately with your download. Note that this file contains only the files for the Form Insert for the Heated Side Bender. If you want the CAD guitar plans, please purchase the entire CNC guitar plan for $59.95 and you will receive BOTH the guitar plan and form CNC files.

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