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Spool Clamps: Electronic Version

Spool Clamps: Electronic Version
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Spool Clamps are one of those tools that will become one of those tools that you can say "How did I get along without that", type of tools for a luthier to have in his tool rack.

I'm sure you will find many tasks where these handy little clamps can come to the rescue where other tools prove to be too big or not to adaptable to the task at hand. While they are often used by instrument repair shops, they can be very useful when building new instruments as well.

The plans, which you can freely download here are intended only as a guide for you to build your own clamps. You will want to vary the size and shapes of these clamps depending on the sizes and types of instruments you build or repair.

Here are some of the uses I have for my spool clamps in my shop:

  • Snugging down stubborn wooden binding that I can't secure with masking tape or stretch tape.
  • Helper clamp when gluing top or back plates to the sides of the instrument. This can be at the neck or butt block areas or in the waist area.
  • Repairing a crack that may have formed in the instrument side during construction.
  • Repairing a top or back plate that may have inadvertently lifted a bit or separated from the lining or block areas.

While you certainly do have other tools in your shop that you can use to make these repairs, for some tasks, the Spool Clamp is the most elegant tool to use. You have very precise control over clamping pressure with a very compact tool and other, more bulky tools can make a bad situation worse.

Plans show the assembled jig, along with complete dimensions and notes. Every part of the jig is carefully dimensioned and noted for clarity and ease of construction.

All Plans Are in Both Millimeters AND Inches/Fractional Inches:
All Building Plans are available in both millimeter measurements and inches/fractional inches. Both are clearly shown in an over/under the dimension line style, so you can pick which measurement system you would like to use, or use both!


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