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Heated Side Bender - Ukulele: Electronic Version

Heated Side Bender - Ukulele: Electronic Version
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  • Manufactured by: Georgia Luthier Supply

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Sick of slaving over a hot pipe or boiling your ukulele sides and having to leave them set in their forms for days or weeks? Or do you want to start bending your own sides rather than paying the high price of pre-bent sides?

Find out exactly how to bend your instrument sides with are very detailed online article Side Bending Tutorial.

Purchase our Georgia Luthier Supply - Heated Side Bender Jig Plans and construct this easy-to-build jig in just a few hours. You will be able to bend your sides in just a few minutes and get the same great results every time!

Unless otherwise specified, ALL plans are sold as electronic downloads. As soon as you complete your plan purchase with us, you will automatically be given a download link to access your plans. Learn why we sell our plans in an electronic version.

The Ukulele Bender Plans include (5) very detailed drawings giving you all of the detail you will need to build this jig with ease. Sheets Include:

Sheet 1: Full Size drawings showing complete detail of side, of jig, including all the detailed note, dimension and materials you will need to build this jig very accurately and quickly. Also, new to this version of this plan, you can bend variable waist configurations with our adjustable waist compression plate. All the necessary details are supplied. Finally, the end retainers are detailed very completely along with spring attachment assemblies and other important details.

Sheet 2:
Full sized drawings and complete detail of the Front of this jig, including all dimensions, notes and construction diagrams.

Sheet 3: Full sized drawings and complete detail of the Top of this jig, including all dimensions, notes and construction diagrams.

Sheet 4: Full sized drawings and complete details showing the spring attachment, end retainer details, variable waist retainer details, fixed waist retainer details and the aluminum guide bar detail.

Sheet 5: Full sized dimensioned drawing template file showing all plywood parts to be cut out. You can use this sheet for reference or as actual templates adhered to your plywood and cut out the parts following the drawings. Note that all parts can be cut from a 24" x 36" (609.6mm x 914.4 mm) 3/4" (19mm) plywood. If you decided to build the adjustable waist retainer you will need a couple of smaller pieces of 1/4" and 3/8" plywood. Those drawing templates are included as well.

Note that the Form Insert for each instrument is now included with each ukulele plan.

All Plans Are in Both Millimeters AND Inches/Fractional Inches:
All Building Plans are available in both millimeter measurements and inches/fractional inches. Both are clearly shown in an over/under the dimension line style, so you can pick which measurement system you would like to use, or use both.

We Now Have The Hardware Package Available For This Tool!

Need the hardware to build this bending machine? We have everything from the press screws, extension springs and every nut bolt and screw that is required to quickly build this jig, use your time more efficiently and let us do the work for you! Visit our Ukulele Hardware Package Page.

CNC Files:

We are now offering our popular Ukulele Side Bending Machine in DWG and DXF file formats. For more information about this option, click HERE. Simply click the checkbox below and the files will be included immediately with your download. Note that these files do not include the guitar form inserts.

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