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G Major Licks - First Edition

G Major Licks - First Edition
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Here is the third in the series of bluegrass guitar licks. This group included 6 of my favorite licks in the key of G Major. Structurally, thy are played similarly to the licks in C Major, only in the key of G.

All of these licks are played in the key of G Major. If you capo on the 2nd fret they will be in A Major.

Commit each one to memory and play very smoothly. Only then should you increase your speed.

You can pull out these licks to kick off a guitar break, as a transition between breaks or even as endings to a break. They are very versatile and you are likely to use them in many of your favorite songs.

In this lesson you will have 6 unique licks to put in your repertoire. Our next lesson will included 6 more, for a total of 12.

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