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Why Electronic Plans

Many people have asked us why we choose to sell our plans electronically instead of printing and mailing them. It's really a matter of offering you, our customer, the most cost-effective option when purchasing your guitar plans. We are a small, family-owned company and do not own our own large-scale printers so we pay the same as you would to print the plans locally. When we print them, we also have to factor in the cost of shipping, which is about $9 for a folded plan and $15 if it's rolled and placed sent to you in a tube. Our goal has always been to offer the highest quality guitar plans at the lowest possible prices, and selling our plans electronically is one way we are able to do that! We are currently working on offering our plans printed for our customers who don't live near a print shop or would just prefer to have us handle the printing and shipping. In the meantime, if you'd prefer to have us print the plans for you, please email us before you purchase so we can explain the price difference to you! And, you can always call us at 678-822-3000.

For printing tips, please visit our plan printing page!