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A guitarist's resource providing a wealth of information on guitar repair, guitar tabs, free guitar lessons and much more. We address classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitars, guitar construction plans.

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Featured Free TAB:

Check this area out every week to get the latest download information for the most recent TAB that is available to you. You will get the complete TAB score, along with the original Guitar Pro file of the composition.

If you were looking for a great arrangement of this old Carter tune, look no further!

Will the Circle be Unbroken Intermediate TAB. We offer a free PDF download of this on our Georgia Luthier Supply Shopping Site and you can pick up your free copy of this music for a limited time.

Will the Circle be Unbroken Intermediate TAB

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Ultimate Guitar OnLine was formed out of a passion for the Spanish guitar. Whether you are passionate about the classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or a combination of any of these, you will be able to find great information here.

If your music genre is rock or classical, blues or bluegrass, tune into those sections of the Ultimate Guitar website.

We've got lots of guitar reviews, how-to articles, tabs, and music for all tastes. If you are looking for something we don't have, let us know, and we will try to get it.

Find Out How To Buy A Guitar

We've got loads of information for Buying A Guitar. We cover everything from buying your first guitar, a guitar for your child, acoustic guitars, classical guitars and handmade guitars.

Also, we will give you Guitar Care Tips, Traveling and Storage information, how to tune a guitar and change your strings in our Guitar Basics Section

Get Immersed In Guitar Construction

Be sure to check out our large section on Guitar Building: including tools required, material resources, and templates and jigs to aid you in your guitar construction project. We've even got Guitar Building Plans available -

For example we have plans based on:
Martin D18, D28 & D45 Dreadnought
Martin 000 Concert or Parlor Gibson J45
Gibson Jumbor or Taylor JM
Martin 000-28VS & HD-28VS
Taylor Grand Auditorium
Ramirez Classical
Kasha Braced Classical
Torres Braced Classical
and More Added all the time

We also have guitar building jig plans for gluing jigs, side benders and more: See or Guitar Gluing and Clamping Jigs Section.

Guitar Reviews Section

Are you ready to buy a new guitar? We've got buying guides for every type of guitar as well as extensive reviews for many of the most popular guitars.

If you are interested in Acoustic Guitar Reviews, Classical Guitar Reviews or Electric Guitar Reviews, check out our reviews sections for each of these guitar types. We are addition reviews all the time so check back often.

If you are looking for information on a guitar that isn't covered here, be sure to let us know and we will get you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Read About Something You May Want To Buy?

The Ultimate Guitar OnLIne Store is now in business. We offer secure shopping for most every guitar, guitar toy, guitar-making tool or whatever you desire. We are adding more items every week, so check it often.

Don't Put Up With That Plywood Guitar

Many of the inexpensive guitars are built from plywood or laminate and sound like a cigar box with rubber band strings. Build your very own hand-built guitar with our comprehensive plans.

We make acoustic & classical guitar building much easier than you every thought. We offer great guitar, ukulele and mandolin plans, plus plans for side benders, neck assembly, plate joining and much more.

Also we now have Tonewood for acoustic instruments, free tools and building tips and techniques!

Start things out right by reading our comprehensive Guitar and Ukulele Building Handbook. Check it out below.

Wanna Take a Few Guitar Lessons?

Is instruction your "thing" ? I was a guitar teacher for 12 years and have taught at all levels. I will show you how to read music, how to play that difficult chord "up the neck" and even get into.....are you ready? Yep, music theory. But that is a ways down the road and we will only do it in small doses - I promise.

Are you interested in learning how to play fingerstyle or how to flatpick? We will cover that in our Ultimate Guitar Lessons section. I know if someone was around to teach me the basics, when I first took up the guitar, I could have saved a lot of time. I hope the tips I've learned over the years will help you.

We will also break things up a bit and branch of into Classical Guitar Lessons, Acoustic Guitar Lessons and our brand new Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons. So feel free to visit these free guitar lesson pages!

Ultimate Guitar Tabs:

This is our newest and will undoubtedly be our largest portion of the website. Look here often for the newest Ultimate Guitar Tabs. All are arranged by us with instruction in mind, not just documentation.

Within our Guitar Tabs Section there will be songs tabbed out for Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs, and Flatpick Guitar Tabs. Each song will include complete, detailed, professionally transcribed music, tabulation and rhythm chords. Just go to the Ultimate Guitar Tab Section and keep an eye on the Right Hand Nav Bar for new TAB.

All songs will be available online, but the really great part is you can download the PDF of the notation and TAB exactly the way it was transcribed. Also you will be able to download a free Guitar Pro file of the original transcription so you can play along, have the Guitar Pro play rhythm or embellish the transcription to make your own arrangement. Pretty Cool!!

Oasis - Wonderwall
Ultimate Guitar Video Lessons:

Keep an eye on the Ultimate Guitar Video Lessons in the right nav bar. You also can navagate to it by selecting the Video Guitar Lessons in the Main Navagation Bar on the left side of the screen.

We will be adding quite a few free Video Guitar Lessons to the section in the coming weeks and months. The will all tie into the Ultimate Guitar Tab and Guitar Pro files too, and the best of all.... they are free - at least for the time being.

On most songs you will find 3 video clips of each song. There will be slow medium and fast versions. Also the song will be played at multiple levels of playing ability.

Most will include selections that are beginner, intermediate and even advanced.

Guitar Care & Accessories Articles

Having trouble with cracks in your guitar? If you are, you likely have a humidity problem. Check out the article on Guitar Humidity Control, to find out what to do. We've got information on the proper care of your guitar, as well as reviews of all he must-have guitar accessories.

Ultimate Guitar OnLine has got the skinny on tuners, stands, mic's, acoustic electric retrofits, capos, picks, humidifiers, and much more. Check out our Guitar Accessories Section for more on these items.

Take a look around and have some fun. Explore all that Ultimate Guitar OnLine has to offer and make yourself a better guitar player.

Visit Our Major & Minor Repair Articles

If you want to learn how to complete minor repairs, such as replacing a nut or saddle you can find plenty of tutorials in the Minor Guitar Repairs section.

Just added to Ultimate Guitar OnlIne in the Minor Guitar Repair Section is a whole series of articles on the analysis, methods and complete directions for lowering your string action.

Get your guitar playing with low, fast action today! Take a look at Guitar Action, Saddle Adjustment, Nut Adjustment, Neck Relief and Truss Rod Adjustment articles. These are all very detailed and complete articles to help you improve your playing and save lots of repair $$$.

Having a string buzzing problem? Maybe your frets are worn. Check out our entire section on fret repair. We have sections on Fret Analysis, Fret Repair Tools, Leveling Frets, Replacing a Few Frets and even an article on a Complete Fret Job.

Soon, you'll be ready to progress to Major Guitar Repairs, such as individual fret replacement, or even an entire fret job.